Monday, January 10, 2011

The Treebog: A Willow Composting Toilet

In cleaning out some files, I ran across an article on treebogs by Hilary Burns that I tore out of a Basketmakers' Association newsletter. I'm guessing this was published sometime in the mid-1990's -- definitely before You Tube. Thought you might enjoy seeing this video, an article on DIY treebogs, and a PDF on small-scale sewage treatment and composting toilets. Treebogs even rate a Wikipedia entry.

If you've built a treebog, we'd love to hear about it. If you're planning to build one but are not a willow grower, let us know that, too. And if you're a willow grower who would be willing to share cuttings for such a project, please leave a comment to that effect and a way to contact you. The comment button is right below this post.

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  1. I'd be happy to share free willow cuttings for a treebog project if the maker can pay the postage and it's going to a state where it's legal to ship live plant material. You can contact me at donnastitches[at]gmail[dot]com.


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